Kubic Glass Kitchen

Kubic Black and White

Kubic Black and White Matt Glass Kitchen

The reflectance of white glass and the absorbance of black glass create a purity in form.

matt absolute black glass and matt optic white. A minimalist kitchen dream.

Black lacquer plinths on the kitchen tall units and white lacquer on the base units. Similar matching finger recess handles.

Horizon back panel and suspended shelf system above the base units with complementary white and stainless steel panels.

Kitchen height 2650 mm; for high ceiling spaces.

100% Recyclable and Eco-Friendly.

Price Category 7.

Kubic Living Kitchen

Kubic Optic White Glass Kitchen  Oak

Open plan lifestyle living with a coordinated look for cooking, dining and living.

Kubic optic white glass kitchen with clay oak textured veneer.

Plinths and finger recess handle in matching Optic White lacquer.

Horizon suspended wall panel system with pull-out kitchen drawers.

100% Recyclable and Eco-Friendly.

Price Category 7.

Kubic White Glass

Kubic Optic White Glass Kitchen Thermo Treated Oak

Kubic is a new, innovative contemporary glass kitchen design for creating a bright, natural modern look.

Exclusive technology for the patented toughened glass door, 100% recyclable and water repellent, designed to be lighter and tougher, with lacquered aluminium back panel coordinated with the colour of the glass.

Absolute safety with the 3 mm thick toughened glass door, cut 33° on the handle side.

Wall fitted and base units with the Horizon wall panel system: a harmonious blend of excellent materials such as glass, steel and textured wood.