Lain Kitchen

Lain Matt Optic White

Euromobil Lain Optic White Matt Lacquer

The most popular kitchen finish for Innerform clients; Optic White Matt EcoLacqer made from water-based Eco-Friendly paints. 

Plinths in matching Optic White paint.

Finger-recess (handles) in Terracotta (orange) paint.

Kitchen tall units thermostructured elm sand laminate.

Suspended kitchen peninsula is a popular alternative to an island when space is tight. 

Note, the open shelves next to wall units with orange painted shelves and back panel.

Lain Matt Black

Euromobil Lain Matt Black Lacqured Kitchen

Absolute Matt Black Eco-friendly water based lacquer (EcoLacquer) kitchen furniture, with Elm Cortex laminate fronts on the tall units.

Note: handles in matching matt black lacquer on the Kitchen tall units.

Plinths and finger-recess (handle) in matt black lacquer.

Peninsula, wall hung dining table in black laminate.

Wood laminate open wall shelves bringing the kitchen into the living area.

Lain Elm Amazon

Euromobil Lain Elm Amazon Flint

A fabulous value classic colour combination of Elm Amazon and Flint laminate with coordinated Flint painted finger-recess (handle) and recessed plinths on the kitchen tall units.

Raised kitchen base units suspended on a metal base structure creating a light horizontal form. 

Excellent value and stylish flint laminate worktop 20 mm thickness to match the wall cabinets.

Flint laminated lift-up kitchen wall cabinets with open shelves in Elm laminate for cookery books, kitchen accessories and decorative objects.

Lain Elm Cortex

Euromobil Lain Elm Cortex

Eco-friendly water based lacquer (Eco Lacquer) cashmere painted kitchen furniture, with Elm Cortex laminate fronts.

Cashmere painted and recessed plinths on kitchen tall units and floor base units.

Saffron Yellow painted finger-recess on the kitchen tall and base units.

Cashmere painted lift-up kitchen wall cabinets with open shelves in Saffron Yellow for cookery books, condiments, kitchen accessories and decorative objects.

Note, the open shelves in the tall units to the right and behind the facing kitchen panel.

Lain Imprimé

Lain Imprimé TSS Laminate Kitchen

Euromobil Imprimé is a new laminate surface for kitchen panels that has a rippled, washed stone surface texture (Malta); available in silk, rock and smoke colours. 

TSS Imprimé is durable, robust, easy to clean, with exceptional anti-scratch powers.

Note: In images EcoLacquer colours antique rose and bronze and cashmere for laminate.